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iPad Air

The Apple iPad Air is not a cheap piece of kit, and it would be a shame for a small, easily avoided bump were to damage it. Buying a protective case will see of most everyday dangers to your iPad, so you won’t have to worry about scratches, bumps and other damages, and you can get on with using it the way it should be. You won’t even have to take it out of the case to use the buttons or ports, because the case is designed specifically to take those into account and provides cut outs in all the right places.

Apple’s latest product, the iPad Air, probably doesn’t seem all that different to the old iPad 4 series, but just getting your hands on the Air will show you just how different they are from one another. Weighing in at under 500g, it’s nearly a third lighter than the previous iPad, and 20% thinner. Even so, it manages to retain the stunning 9.7-inch retina display screen, having slimmed down and reduced the size of the edges to accommodate.


The other significant upgrade from the iPad 4 to the iPad Air is the processor. Apple claims that the A7 chip within the Air is 8x faster than the chip contained within the original iPad when it launched in 2010. Despite the smaller size and more powerful processor, the iPad Air is able to keep going for around ten hours, which is equivalent to the iPad 4.


The small size, light weight, and excellent battery life really leaves you with no excuses not to bring the iPad Air with you wherever you go. However no matter how careful you are, daily use is sure to take its toll on your tech, and no-one can avoid all dangers to their gadgets for ever. You might also be tempted to forgo a protective case or cover in order to maintain the sleek styling and excellent size & weight of the iPad Air.


Enter Forefront: our cases for the iPad Air are created by product design specialists who strive to make the cases a complement to your gadgets, not a burden. With full in-case functionality and our tripod case folding which allows for comfortable use of your iPad no matter what you’re doing, Forefront’s iPad Air cases are just as sophisticated and practical as the iPads themselves.