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Google Nexus

Google Nexus

Nexus of style and safety

For true “on the go greatness” from your Google Nexus 7, make sure you use a Forefront case, to protect and stylise your tablet.

The Google Nexus 7 is part of a second generation of tablets, a generation who saw what worked and what didn’t work about the original slew of touch screen computers, and capitalised on the information.

It’s lightweight, has a long-lasting battery life, two cameras, and a screen which has a high definition display quality that can rival most HD televisions. Running the Android operating system and accepting microUSB as its main input port, it’s also almost globally compatible. It really is “grab and go greatness”.

With such a slim, sleek design, anything that happens to your Nexus will be clearly visible, and no-one wants to have to look at a scratched screen in high-def. No matter how careful you are, it’s almost impossible to completely protect a tablet from harm, which is why Forefront have created a range of stylish protective cases for the Nexus.

Forefront’s cases are each designed specifically on a device basis, and the Nexus 7 cases will fit your tablet perfectly, allowing unmitigated access to all the ports and buttons. As well as protecting your device, the Forefront case doubles as a handy and secure stand for the Nexus, with a three-fold mechanism allowing for hands-free use – perfect for watching videos or typing.

The clamshell case design also allows for the stand to be positioned in multiple ways, depending on what you want to use it for. And, as if that wasn’t enough added functionality, the case also incorporates the auto sleep/wake utility, for easily transitioning between tasks and really making the most of the already impressive battery life.